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Andrae Brashear Psychology 220 November 21, 2010 Wisdom Intelligence I choose to discuss the scenario of the 17 year old girl. This scenario is about a girl who is feeling “love” with her boyfriend who is 17 years old. The teenage girl who is also presumably 17 years old as well is being pressured into having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is saying that the sex will be protected because he will go through the precautions of making sure that it is. There seems to be important information that isn’t in the scenario. Such information such as to their current school situation, how long they have been a couple, the real age of the girl as I assumed that she is 17 and the most important does the boy carry the same feelings for the girlfriend. The information presented does not really give enough to go by to truly give the best judgment it’s probably in the best interest to apply the five components of wise judgment and make a decision that way with the information that has been provided. In starting you have to determine the goals that both of the parties have. Afterwards, it is best to go about their long term and short term goals for both parties as well. You can then apply the five components of wise judgment for the scenario of the girlfriend and boyfriend. The goal in the short term of aspect of the teenage boyfriend is to encourage his girlfriend into having “protected” sex with him. The goal of the girlfriend is unclear and not stated in the information. She is in love with her boyfriend from what we know. The interest of the boyfriend is clear which is to get his girlfriend to have sex with him before they are finished with their academic career or before they get married. From what we can tell about the girl from the statement, her goal of having sex with her boyfriend prior to

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