Wis V. Dahmer

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11/10/08 Assignment #2 Wis. V. Dahmer This criminal case is about the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. A serial killer is someone who kills a lot of people over a period of time with a commonality. Jeffery Dahmer had butchered seventeen men in secrecy. This went on for more then three years. His apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was then discovered with human heads and stripped flesh of the males that he had brutally murdered. Jeffery Dahmer lured teenagers and young men into his apartment from bus stops, bar, and streets. He promised them drinks, pornographic videos, and money. After he sedated the young men with spiked drinks he would strangle them to death and cut up their bodies with an electric saw. He saved some of the strips of flesh in his freezer so he could eat it later. Human remains were preserved in formaldehyde. The human heads were boiled. Acid was poured over flesh to dissolve the remains. In May 1991 Dahmer had lured fourteen year old Konerak Sinthasomphone to his apartment. Dahmer gave him a drink with a “sleeping potion” on it. Sinthasomphone passed out from the drink. Dahmen then left his apartment to get more beer, when he returned home he saw the child staggering down the street. The police had already arrived to investigate. He told the police that Konerak was his friend and promised to take him back to the apartment. Dahmer then strangled the fourteen year old, took photographs, and dismembered the child’s body. Dahmer kept his skull as a souvenir. On July 22, 1991 Tracy Edwards was found by police with one handcuff dangling from his wrist. He explained to them about the man who had held him hostage. Dahmer also threatened him with a knife. Dahmer’s secret was finally revealed when Edwards led the police into his apartment. The apartment had an overwhelming stench of rotting bodies. Edwards told the police

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