Wiretap Law Memorandum

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Amber Hesse c/o Deforest Area High School 815 Jefferson Street Deforest, WI 53532 608-842-6742 amhesse@dasd.epals.com February 13, 2008 Wisconsin State Journal P.O. Box 8058 Madison, Wi 53708 Dear Mrs. Riechmann: I am writing to you about an article that was published in your paper on Thursday September 20, 2007. The article I am writing to you about was entitled “Bush wants wiretap law made permanent.” I must strongly disagree with President Bush’s proposal because; I believe that it violates people’s rights even if they are not Americans. The fact is the phones that are being tapped are the American people, which violates our amendment rights. If we are trying to build a diplomatic government over there then how can we try
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