Wireless Security Essay

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WLAN (wireless local area network) - a security system designed to protect networks from security breaches because wireless transmission is susceptible. This security is necessary because WLAN signals have no boundary limitations, which makes it easier to access network information, allowing all data (confidential & private) to be exposed. WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) – It secures information by encrypting it to make sure the network security key has not been modified. Most WPA makes sure anyone that uses it has an authenticated by supplying a password in order to gain access to the network. WPA & WPA2 are the two types of WPA authentication. WPA works with most wireless network adapters yet it may not work with access points or old routers. WPA2 is more secure but may not work with some older adapters. WEP (wired equivalent privacy) – It is an older network security method that still supports older devices although it’s not recommended. A network security key is needed to turn on WEP. The key encrypts information between computers across a network. WEP is secure but easy to hack. Encryption is how data bits are arranged so no one can access the information without a security key. The key can consist of a password or digital file. Either a partition or an entire operating system can be encrypted. Mathematic functions called cryptography algorithms are used to secure data. There are various types of cryptography algorithms, known as ciphers. Some trusted ciphers are Blowfish, Twofish and AES. The most common type of encryption is Secure Socker Layer (SSL). The servers using SSL need more CPU power & more

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