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Wireless Security Wireless Security In terms of security of a wireless network whether home, small business, or corporation if a vulnerability was discovered and exploited I would rather it be from “script kiddies.” “Script Kiddies” or better known as the unsophisticated technologically challenged internet child, uses information from others posted on the internet on how to manipulate a weakness in a script to gain access to a network or system on a network. Simply put, script kiddies enjoy the idea of being a cracker but have no idea of what or where they are looking for even after they have gain access. Granted they can exploit weaknesses other find but they have no real skill on how to wreak havoc on a network or system. Speaking of security measures covered in 802.11, MAC filtering, authentication, and WEP, WEP would provide the security to prevent or block script kiddies from gaining access. Although, MAC filtering does offer enough security to prevent the majority of script kiddies, it still has vulnerabilities that are easily bypassed. WEP on the other hand, with the four-way encryption process will prevent script kiddies and a few other evasive attackers from gaining access. For as WEP and its use of “clear-text” and encrypted challenge phrase can prevent the simple-minded individuals who use the work of others to impersonate a hacker and gain access to networks and systems. Fortunately, the inception of WAP2 and its use of dynamic encryption through TKIP has increased the security measures preventing the inexperienced from cracking wireless network security. Associate Program Material Appendix G Wireless LAN Vulnerabilities Matrix Complete the following matrix by filling in the blank boxes in the table. Security protection | Brief description | Vulnerabilities | Prevention (if any) | MAC address filtering | A mac address filter is

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