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Winterbourne Abuse Case Rough Essay

  • Submitted by: twister84
  • on September 5, 2013
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how public attention has changed
legislation in care

In this report I intend to highlight two
cases of vulnerable adult abuse, that
when brought to the public’s attention
helped change legislation.

The first case I intend to highlight is

Winterbourne is an example of bureaucracy
neglect, ineffective staff monitoring,
and training and a broken complaints
At Winterbourne there was a catalogue of
some of the worst abuse seen in a decade
residents were routinely restrained,
force fed medication and physically
assaulted some of the most extreme
incidents were a resident was pinned to
the floor under a chair with staff
keeping a foot on one hand and another
staff kneeling on her legs, the same
resident was doused in cold water and
thrown out on the lawn in January, a
resident had a martial arts move
performed on him, residents were often
struck around the face and head, staff
would take prize personal possessions and
threaten to throw them away.
This resulted in many residence
developing new problems one man, even
after he was moved to a new home pee in
cups as he associated the bathroom with
the physical abuse he receive in there at
winterbourne, other resident were
extremely emotionally disturbed and
upset by what happened to them leaving
them feeling vulnerable and alone in
home that was supposed to be caring for
them,, these experiences will continue
to affect them for the rest of there

The cause of the abuse start with the
management, the management had little to
no knowledge of what was going on in
their home, many staff where left
untrained and despite both basic signs
(e.g. a fast staff turn over) and more
direct signs that something was wrong
(being numerous direct complaints) they
continued with a head in the sand
attitude and even when the problems were
painfully obvious to them such as when
they had no registered manager...

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