Winter Trip Essay

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Standing in Lake Tahoe, California is one of my biggest dreams since I was eight years old. On December 2007 my family and I went to California for a month and we went to Lake Tahoe for 3 days 2 nights for winter sports such as snowmobile and skiing. Taking off from San Jose at 6am and we reached Lake Tahoe at 11am. Lake Tahoe is the border of California and Nevada. This was a place of peacefulness and tranquility. Never before had I been so close with nature. Every tree was covered with thick white snow, there were some buildings and car parks were also covered in snow. Car meter panel showed that the outside temperature was 14F (-10C). Northstar Village is a skiing resort which provides skiing activities and accommodations during winter. This is where I took my beginner skiing lesson. At the equipment store, we were provided ski boots, a pair of skis and poles. The ski boots were very heavy, hard and high up to protect the ankles. It was so hard to put on and walked around with the ski boots. Skis were given based on height. The shorter the ski, the easier to control. The longer the ski, the faster it will go. The beginner skiing lesson lasted for three hours. First, we learned how to walk with the long ski attached to our ski boots. Then, we learned how to stop while we were skiing by making an A with the skis, tilting the ski a little will maintain where we are. It was really tiring because we need to walk up the slope with the heavy boots and skis then ski down, walked up and ski down. We repeated the up and down process and the instructor correcting us each time we ski down. After the lesson, I tried on a higher and steeper slope. This was where the real skiing experienced happened. I stepped out at the edge of the great slope. The steepness of the colossal block of snow was very frightening. The only way to go was down. I took a deep breath

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