Winter Survival Essay

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Winter Survival Emotional and psychological shock causes the body to undergo extreme strain with symptoms including a racing but weak pulse, faintness, dizziness, confusion, disorientation and the feeling of distraction. Emotional shock is mainly triggered by bad news; news such as the fact that someone is stranded in Alaska with five strangers with no guarantee of rescue. As such my first step would be to calm and assure my fellow companions. Should panic occur in the group, accusations among the people and people trying make in their own might result. Such occurrences would be disastrous for the group as the greatest chance of survival resides in the group sticking together. Alaskan climate is extremely cold, and not very forgiving to mistakes that might be made in panic. As a group it would be of paramount importance that we organize ourselves, and define the objectives of the group that would be survival and trying to get rescued. Furthermore, with the combined knowledge of the group then the items that are to be in the bag pack would be more likely to facilitate the objectives of survival and rescue. In order to organize ourselves, I would manage the situation by requesting that we introduce ourselves to each other. The first part introductions would comprise of the usual mundane details such as name and occupation, the second part would entail everyone explaining if they have any experience in surviving harsh conditions such as the Alaska, the third and final part would be about the group members explaining if they have any medical or any other complications that might be worsened by the harsh climate. Such a sharing would allow us to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses regarding the Alaskan weather. Understanding of each other weaknesses would be instrumental in surviving the harsh Alaskan climate. That

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