Winter Dreams Literary Analysis

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Forrest 3/29/12 American Literature "Winter Dreams" Although it appears Judy Jones is the epitome of the American Dream and the embodiment of happiness and fulfillment she turns out to be more of a fallacy. Dexter sees her as a temptation and builds many aspects of his life according to her. Judy's abundance of men as well as her declining looks with age prove her to not be the idealistic women that Dexter thought she was. Judy symbolizes the American Dream with her beauty and charming personality. She is desirable in many ways and men see her as a perfect catch. However, perceptions on Judy are skewed because she is not all she's made up to be. Judy is like the American Dream to Dexter because he is trying to achieve something great by making Judy his own. She is the epitome of the dream woman just like the American Dream suggests if you work hard you have the chance to be happy and live a successful life. Dexter believes if he has Judy he will be happy and satisfied with his life. She represents fallacy in two aspects. The first, she is unobtainable which makes her a fallacy because it is impossible to make her part of the dream. He was not able to get her at first, and then he was unable to hold an engagement with her. In another aspect, she is a fallacy because the image of what she is changes completely when Dexter sees her…show more content…
Although he, at some point, has her, Dexter never satisfied his dream of happiness. Initially, he was unable to meet Judy's social status, however, he later achieves it but still isn't happy because he is yet to be good enough for Judy. His wealth and social status are achieved, which means he should be happy and Judy should want him. However, he is still not desired by her and thus does not reach his goal of happiness. He doesn't have closure to his idealistic yearning for her because he doesn't reach the ending that he
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