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Everyone has a favorite seaon, whether its Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. My favorite season is Winter. There are many reasons why I like Winter out of all of the seasons. My birthday is December 2nd which is in winter. There is winter break for school which is about two to three weeks long. Last but not least my favorite holiday Christmas! Winter has always been my favorite season. One reason is that my birthday is in winter. I'm not the kind of person that likes to throw big parties for my birthday. Usually I will have a little small get together with my family and friends. Birthdays usually mean presents and gifts for most people. My birthday is just a day all about me! Just to now that your birthday is a day just for you is an amazing feeling. Most people usually love any break from school; usally spring break, summer break, winter break, and any holiday.I like any break but, winter break just makes me happy. I get to spend the last few weeks of the year with my family or friends mostly family.Its a good felling to know that you don't have to wakeup early and go to school. No work, no teachers just pure fun! Holidays are the best time of the year for me. There are many holidays from 4th of Juuly, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and much more. My favorite hoilday is Christmas and its in winter; what a coincidence. To most people Christmas is just about getting gifts but to me its much more. Christmas is a great time to spend with family, especially when you get to decorate the tree, watch Christmas movies, and read stories about Jesus. As everyone says Jesus is the reason for the season! Evryone has a favorite season whether its Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Everyone has a different season they just love. My favorite season is winter because my birthday is in winter, we have winter breaks, and you get to spend the hoildays with the people you

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