Winstons Conversation with the Old Man

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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell Winston’s curiosity about the past overpowers and convinces him to go into the pub and talk to an old man, which he believes could be a connection to the past. As Winston entered the pub he set one goal for himself, is to gain knowledge from the only person he could about the past. Winston entered the pub and a strong smell of beer hit him in the face. He was feeling as though everyone was staring at him in his blue overalls. As he made his way through, he came into contact with the old man who was arguing with the barman. The barman and the old man were arguing because the barman did not know what a ‘pint’ was when the old man asked him for it. As the old man was about to walk away, he tripped and fell into Winston’s arms. Winston then offered the old man a drink, the old man was thankful and they began with their conversation. The started off by talking about the differences that the old man could compare his past experiences to the present life. Winston was extremely eager to gain knowledge of what the past was like so he began to ask many questions. The old man was able to tell him things that Winston did and didn’t know about, yet were completely useless to him. Winston read many books about the days before the Revolution, although he knew and believed that not everything he read was true. For Winston it was exciting that he could finally hear about the reality and more in-depth information of those old days and that he could finally get the answers to the questions he has been waiting for. What upset Winston was that the old man kept on going off topic and would talk about the unimportant facts that didn’t matter to Winston. Winston wanted a clear overview of the way people were treated back then whether they were rich or poor. How did the people have to treat others who were on higher level than them? And what kind
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