Winston's Brotherhood In 1984

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One of the party's problem within Oceania is the brotherhood, a secret organization that does everything in it's power to make Big Brother and his oppressive ways of ruling disappear. Or is it the party that created a fictitious organization to attract all the thought criminals? For Winston and Julia the Brotherhood is reality and they want to be a part of the organization that fights for their rights. In order to achieve this, Winston and Julia managed to get in contact with someone they believe is working for the brotherhood. To be accepted they had to be questioned by O'Brien to see if they were good candidates for the brotherhood, but what Winston and Julia did not know was that organization was created by Ingsoc. In this passage we see both Winston and Julia's…show more content…
This appears to show that the party is mainly after Winston and don't care as much about catching Julia as a thought criminal. At this point the reader is drawn into the book and awaits the conclusion of this important meeting. Maybe the reader is even more exited than Winston and Julia because he has followed their every steps from the beginning and want to see Winston and Julia become heroes by destroying the party and maybe discovering who Big Brother actually is. For Winston this seems probably impossible but the reader knows that anything can happen in a book so he gets captivated and is waiting for the final decision of O'Brien. As always in Oceania the people are being manipulated and in this case they make Winston and Julia believe that the brotherhood exists and we can see that Winston gets tricked and is ready to anything the party wants. At this point Winston almost seems to want power, to finally be able to fight against the people who destroyed his family. This shows how powerful the party is and that they are used to make lies become reality in peoples
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