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Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill is most popularly known as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the 1950s and War Lord against Germany in the Second World War. However, Churchill’s involvement and importance to World War One is greatly overlooked when it comes to his great feats in power within the elite military powers of Great Britain. Winston was born in 1874 on the 30th of November in Woodstock, England. He was born into a prominent aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough. Churchill had a generally poor academic record and was punished for it by being sent to the Harrow School Royal Military College where he promptly joined the Rifle Corps. He was not close with his parent and often wrote to his mother begging her to allow him to come home or for her to visit. This was in vain and also very rarely spoke with his father who died at age 45 leaving young Churchill with the impression he would too die at a young age. Churchill first began his military service after he left Harlow in 1893. He enlisted in the Cavalry rather than the infantry because it required a lower grade and did not require him to learn mathematics which he disliked. Churchill made his first entry to parliament in 1900 when he stood for the seat of Oldham. In 1904 Churchill ‘crossed the floor’ to join the Liberal party where he continued to stand for free trade and speak against ‘protectionism’. In the times before World War One, Churchill held the following political positions; * Under-secretary of State for the colonies (1905) * Promoted to the Cabinet as President of the Board of Trade (1908 – following the appointment of Prime Minister Asquith) Churchill is described as witty and a peoples person. He is also recorded by journalists to have a lisp and stutter, a speech impediment which Churchill claimed, “My impediment has no hindrance” as he

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