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Winston Churchill Biography Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was one of the greatest politicians of United Kingdom as well as the Prime Minister of the country from 1940 till 1945, and again from 1951 to 1955. He was born on 30 November 1874 to an aristocratic family at Woodstock, Oxford Shire. Young Churchill was considered a mischievous boy by the headmaster of St George’s, as he said that Churchill was “a constant trouble and cannot be trusted to behave himself anywhere.” As he grew older, he showed interest in the army as he grew up playing with soldier toys. He began his military career when he commenced schooling at Harrow in 1888, there he joined the Harrow Rifle Corps. He was again not considered a particularly bright student and obtained average academic performance. Churchill continued his career in the army by studying in the Royal Military Academy after he left Harrow in 1893. He went through a colourful career while serving there and was appointed various titles, including the honor of the Hussars in 1941. Churchill was sent to Cuba, Pakistan and Egypt during his years as an army officer as well as a war correspondent. He was once captured during the war between the British and the Boer-Republics, but he managed to escape just a few weeks later. He was later ranked up and appointed Lieutenant-colonel of Royal Scots Fusiliers on 1 January 1916. Churchill resigned for a while serving in the army as he embarked on political activities. Churchill won the Oldham seat at the 1900 general election. He later became president of the board of trades and introduced the trade boards bill, which set up the first minimum wages of Britain. He again displayed a good image of himself in the general public during 1909 by establishing a ‘Labour Exchange’. This targeted at unemployed people and helped many of them find jobs. Churchill expressed many of his

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