Winslow Boy (Conflict)

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The Winslow Boy Critical Essay Jamie Hall The Winslow Boy by Terrence Rattigan is a play about a young navel cadet called Ronnie Winslow who is accused of stealing a postal order. He is thrown out of the navel academy and sent home. This shames the name Winslow and his father is compelled to do fight what he calls an injustice. To do this he hires barrister sir Robert Morton which is not to Catharine’s liking as she is a suffragette and Sir Robert Morton is against Women getting The Vote. As a result these two Characters Conflict throughout the Play. However, despite their own personal disagreements they are brought together by the injustice that has befallen Ronnie and by the end there is a hope that they could become an item. The two characters are different In almost everyway, on one hand Catharine is a suffragette and is more liberal in thinking and on the other hand Sir Robert is against women getting the vote and is more conservative in thinking. There is a conflict in ideology between the two as well. Catharine first meets sir Robert in act 1 scene 2. At first Sir Robert is cold and distant. His answers very blunt and straight to the point. He denies all of the offers made by Catharine in scene 2, like smoking and sitting down. They also argue over the “trade union embezzlement case” another area of conflict. Also Catharine is described as “almost losing her temper” at one point during their conversation. Catharine doubts Sir Roberts motives as she believes he is merely boasting his popularity and ego. That he is not really concerned with the wrong that has befallen the family or the injustice they face. In Act two scene one Sir Robert patronizingly complements Catharine: “In such a charming hat, how could I have missed you?” In the same scene Sir Robert accuses Catharine of trying “to

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