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Author Influence Here are three authors that use figurative language in there writings Scott, Westerfeild, Connell, Richards, and Kurt, Vannegut. Scott Wrsterfeild uses detailed description in the setting in his book “The Leviathan”. One place he uses detailed description is “the white desert that lay upon them was vast and lifeless. As Alex looked out of his window he wondered “How could anyone live in this lifeless hole.””(51) Westerfeild also uses foreshadowing in his settings for example “While Alex looked out into the widespread sky of London he didn’t notice the dark evil storm clouds sneaking up on them.(19) Connell Richards uses elements of literature in his story “The Most Dangerous Game”. He uses foreshadowing when Rainsford is talking to Whitney on the boat and when they pass an island she said, “The old charters call it Ship Trap Island…” (19) Then later in the story Rainsford falls off of his boat. Another example of foreshadowing would be when Rainsford hears the gun shot but then does not know what animal would have made the scream. This is foreshadowing because Rainsford has hunted every animal he could so he should have been able to know what “animal” would have made that noise. The last author would be Kurt Wannegut he uses characterization in his short story “Harrison Bergeron”. One place in this short story when Wannegut uses characterization is when he says “He wore a tremendous pair of earphones, and spectacles with thick wavy glasses… Harrison looked like a scrap yard bearing 300 pounds of weight…and to offset his good looks…. Required his to wear a rubber ball for a nose.”(72) Another place Wannegut uses characterization is when he describes the ballerina “She must have been the most graceful because she bore the most restrictions…. She also must have been really beautiful because the mask they made her wear was horrific”. (71) So have any

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