Winning Essay

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High schools wrestling, the temptation of winning, endure anything at all cost. I regulary endured five hour practice days with sweat dripping down my body, drenched as if I just step out of the shower. My legs would tremble as I would rather fall down to hit the floor which death seems more peaceful then where I am right now. My heartbeat pounding a million times per second like a jackhammer destroying the concrete of the street. An everyday feeling a daily routine practice time you might say but to us this is what we live for becoming the best pushing ourselves to the limit we feel no pain we are not weak. We had three day practice sessions first one mornings when we mostly run and run a lot more we run basically anywhere to nowhere. Second session afternoon this means during our lunch period so we would miss out on eating but mostly on this session we would built muscles yes lift weights lose the fat. Then the third session after school actually wrestling practice the most painful training of all. Each day that went by we ran faster we lifted more and we practice even harder than the day before. Practice and practice that’s what I did that’s was a wrestler life nothing else besides wrestling. My days were simple wake up each day six in the morning and start training go to school. I hated school with a passion the only reason I showed up to my classes was because of wrestling I needed to be eligible to wrestle. I would sit in my table not listing to my teacher on her lectures’ but day dreaming about making it to state. then it was lunch time my second session lifting weight I did not eat in fact I rarely eat at all because I needed to be at my weight class of 130 lbs. Then my finally practice after school and I would hear home. As for me it was all great wrestling school passing my classes without lifting a pencil or pen. To me wrestling

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