Windshield Survey Summary and Reflection

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A community consists of a group of people in a designated area defined by geographical boundaries. Communities and its members may share a common culture and certain beliefs that have been cultivated from the beginning of its existence. Oftentimes, communities are associated with particular characteristics that give them a unique and distinctive identity. A community is generally defined by three factors: people, place, and function. The people make up the population of the community and are called members or residents of that community. Place characterizes the geographical location of the particular community and function defines the interactions and activities that take place within the community. Over time, communities have transformed and continue to change and mold in accordance to the always evolving expectations of society and the world. Community health is defined by the efforts to address any collective health needs within the community through the identification of problems and the management of behaviors in the community. This broad definition of community health includes the dimensions of process, status, and structure. Assessing community health requires the collection of existing data, generation of missing data, and an analysis of the resulted compilation of data. The community is the client when the nursing effort is concentrated on the joint welfare of the population instead of just on the health of a single individual. The goal of population-centered healthcare is to accomplish helpful change intended to increase the benefit of the entire community as a collective whole. My impression of my participating family’s community and environment is extremely positive. The overall condition of the city of Glendale is clean and well-kept. Additionally, the streets are safe and security in the community is not an issue. There are health clinics and

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