Windshield Survey Reflection

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Windshield Survey Reflection NUR/405 April 23, 2012 Windshield Survey Reflection As a resident of the City of Palos Heights, I thought I knew a great deal about this community, however, through hours of research and studying this community I became to realize how little I actually knew. Through this research I was able to choose three nursing diagnosis I believe my “family” and the residents of the community of Palos Heights would benefit from. The first nursing diagnosis I chose is Ineffective Activity Planning. While the City of Palos Heights has many parks, walking/biking paths, and nature centers, all are located outside. This community is located in Illinois and because of inclement weather there are several months of the year that walking outside is neither feasible nor safe. According to the American Heart Association (2011) walking as little as 30 minutes a day provides heart healthy benefits. One nursing intervention for this diagnosis would be educating the community of the importance of continued activity year round. Another nursing intervention would be providing the community with information of neighboring communities that offer indoor walking tracks for year round walking. One community health partnership that would benefit the residents of Palos Heights would be to partner with neighboring Crestwood offering the residents of Palos Heights’ access to their indoor walking arena free of charge. Another health partnership that would benefit the residents of Palos Heights would be to partner with the local Cardinal Fitness to offer discounts to residents of Palos Heights. The second nursing diagnosis I chose is Ineffective Health Maintenance. This community would benefit from offering their residents a larger selection of healthy alternatives. While there are several fast food chains and restaurants in this community, there is a

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