Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey - Community Health Learning Tool (Adapted from Anderson ET, McFarlane J: Community as client: application of the nursing process, Philidelphia. 1998, JB Lippincott) This survey is a learning tool to help you understand the community you are working in. There is much evidence to support how a person’s health and well-being can be affected by their community and living conditions. The survey can be done in pairs or individually. Make notes in each box and be ready to have a discussion with your mentor about the learning you have had. This can form part of your evidence for achievement of your practice outcomes. |Element |Description |Notes | |Boudaries/ Neighbourhood |What are the physical boundaries. Where does the neighbourhood begin and end? | | |Housing |What type of housing is there? Is it private, rental, social housing. What about the size, is| | | |it detached, flats, apartments, semi’s? | | | |What is the state of repair? | | | |What is the architecture like? | | | |Are utilities good/bad

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