Windows 98 V. Windows Xp

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Windows 98 v. Windows XP Microsoft created many versions of Windows. In 1998, Microsoft came out with their newest model of Windows, Windows 98. This was their newest model with many great features such as having great user friendly options, security new hardware support, speed, stability, and many other features. But this advancement has gone a long way in five years. Microsoft’s newest version of Windows is Windows XP. Windows XP is not based off of this earlier operating system. It too has all the features Windows 98 has, but many are more advanced. For instance, Windows XP is a crash-free system, it is more reliable, and more secure. Both Windows XP and Windows 98 have many similarities and differences. One difference between Windows 98 and Windows XP is Windows 98 is one of the earliest versions of Windows, and Windows XP is one of the latest versions of Windows. This is a big difference because it influences the operating systems in many ways. Windows 98 is not based on many other systems. It is only based on Windows 95, the first operating system to have a user friendly interface. That is the reason why Windows 98 is not as advanced as Windows XP. Windows XP is the latest version of Windows, so it is based on many features of every other operating system before it. This makes it more advanced than any other operating system because when it was made, Microsoft improved it, so that there would not be any errors in this operating system like there were in the earlier versions. One similarity between Windows 98 and Windows XP is both versions of Windows are user friendly, and support many user friendly options. Windows 98 is the . second OS (operating system) that is a user friendly system. This means that it is easy to access, and does not require high thinking skills to use a computer. One example of a user friendly interface that both Windows 98 and

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