Win Win the Movie

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Running Head: NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT MOM 1 No Such Thing As a Perfect Mom Taylor Baranowsky Ithaca College Stephen Mosher/ Reel Sports 22 October 2013 The recipe to make a functional family must include at least one reasonable family member in it and if there is not there would be complete chaos. There really is no such thing as a picture perfect family, but each family in its own unique way is pretty close to perfect. A true family is really about the love and care that each member provides for each other. In the movie Win Win directed by Thomas McCarthy, introduces a typical, middle class family in the suburbs of New Jersey named the Flaherty’s. Mike and Jackie, the adults, have two daughters and are in some serious financial trouble. Their lives completely changed when Kyle, a random kid from Ohio, came into it. Throughout this movie, there was a lot of ups and downs, but one thing stayed constant and that was Jackie. She was the foundation of sanity in this film. Jackie has a good combination of the all the ingredients a good mother needs. Jackie Flaherty is a mother of two and can be seen as a typical Jersey mom because she is a “bad ass” and she has so much love in her heart that she would do anything for anyone. Kyle is a kid she just met and she agreed to take him in under her roof knowing nothing about him. Jackie even states multiple times that she is going to punch Kyle mom when she gets the chance. This shows the immediate and infinite love that Jackie shows towards people. However, when Jackie actually mets Kyle’s mom for the first time, she is crying hysterically and even though Jackie has a deep hatred towards her, she comforts her. She knows that she is in a difficult place at that time and puts her feelings against her in the closet for a later date. Jackie is one of
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