Wilma Rudolph: The Fastest Woman On Earth

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Malik Murray Tag 04/29/2007 Ms. Alexandria Wilma Rudolph Wilma Rudolph was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, in 1940. Wilma Rudolph was crippled with polio at the age of 4. Until she was 12 she had to struggle to walk, even a few yards with a cumbersome leg brace. Yet eight years later she emerged from the 1960 Rome Olympics as the "Tennessee Tornado" the fastest woman on earth. Rudolph was the 20th child in a family of 22 children. Her early life was marked by constant struggle; against poverty, racism and a series of life threatening childhood illnesses. Triumphing over these and other obstacles, she became a high school basketball and track…show more content…
Yet, this amazing runner had spent much of her childhood unable to walk because of polio. After the 1960 Olympics ,Wilma was a hero to people all over the United States. She and her parents were invited to the White House to meet president John f.Kennedy. Wilma retired from racing in 1962 after several more thrilling wins .She finished college in 1963,then taught school and served as a coach. Wilma married Robert Eldridge and raised two daughters and sons. Throughout her life, Wilma spoke out for things she cared about. She worked to teach sports to children in poor neighborhoods. She hoped that success in sports would help keep children in school. Wilma was happy that her own success had helped women athletes and black athletes. Wilma died in Nashville, Tennessee ,but her life continues to inspire people all over the world. Throughout her life, Rudolph never let public racism or personal hardship get in the way of her dreams. Harnessing the same determination that made here a great athlete, Rudolph went on to use here celebrity to help
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