Willy Loman Analysis

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Willy Loman Analysis In the play Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman provides many characteristics that divulge into themes throughout the play. Pride and Willy’s concept of the American dream are just two of the many themes in the play. These themes and many others give us examples and help us characterize Willy’s character and personality. Willy’s pride for Biff leads to disappointment when he finds out that Biff had skipped out on summer school and just gave up on a successful life, which also leads into Willy’s concept of the American. Willy’s American dream is about personality being the key to success, not innovation and hard work. Willy’s concepts of these themes are what lead Willy to be self-arrogant and pompous. Willy is boastful of himself and his sons, and shows it in his words and actions. Willy compares both of his sons to Greek gods by saying “That’s why I thank Almighty God you’re both built like Adonises” (Miller 1. 21). Willy was bragging, which he likes doing, about his sons being very good at their lives. Just before this, Willy was saying how Bernard might get the best marks in school, but Biff and Happy would be better off in the business world. This is because they have a better personality and are better looking then Bernard. But this happens not to be true for Biff, as he saw Willy’s affair and drops out of summer school. This leads to Willy being disappointed in Biff. Along Strickland 2 with his pride in his sons, Willy’s egotistic thoughts of himself lead him to not accept a better paying job from Charley. But, Willy will accept fifty dollars from Charley every week. As Charley and Willy are playing a game of poker, Charley offers Willy for a job. Willy’s response to this offer is “I got a job, I told you that. What the hell are you offering me a job for?” (Miller 1. 29). Willy is too proud of himself
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