Willy Horton Ad Campaign Summary

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Assignment One In Miles Benson article, Political consultants tailor candidates’ message to what the voters want to hear, he has several opinions and views on how political consultants, opinion polls and negative advertising affect how politicians want us to feel, react and ultimately vote. It seems that research has discovered that if a politician talks in platitudes he has a better chance of getting himself or herself elected. Being specific seems to detrimental because too many questions are asked. Bill Hillsman, a media expert said that, “obviously, a candidate seeking votes is going to emphasize shared concerns and issues that are popular. But all too often political leadership simply means finding out what the people want and telling them you’ll give it to them” (Benson A3). In fact, many polls are also used to change public opinion depending on how the question is phrased. The idea that polls are used for finding out what people feel or think about an issue is not as relevant. The way a question is asked is, “more often than not,” tailored towards the desired result. Benson also seems to say that negative advertising such as the Willy Horton ad campaign have also been able to change public opinion and possibly even change election outcomes. Case in point, former president…show more content…
As mentioned above one famous case of negative advertising is the Willy Horton ad campaign. Negative advertisement has been around as long as politics have been. It seems that it is always easier to say something harmful about a political opponent than something good. In my opinion negative adverting is most likely the worst kind of vehicle of deception that political consultants end to use during the voting season. It behooves all of use to pay close attention to advertising of each political candidate. The more we know the better we are off, and the less we will fall for their disguised
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