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Week 5 You Decide Willy’s Candy Company – Strategic Choices As the Strategic Consultant to the Executive board of Willy’s Candy Company, it is my job to evaluate the ideas as presented by the Executive Committee and determine which of those ideas would be the best direction for the company to achieve growth, both immediate and long term. While listening to each of the Executive Committee members present their ideas, I have included a recap of each strategic idea as well as my recommendation as to which idea would be the best option for Willy’s Candy Company. First to speak to the committee was the CEO, Chester A. Wonka, III. Mr. Wonka identified that over the past few years and that while two of the products the company markets, The Willy’s Yummy Chews and the Willy’s Sour Straws are in fact some of the most popular products for the company and has been able to maintain sales, overall the sales and profits for the company has been flat. Mr. Wonka feels that the best option for the company is to sell the company to a larger Swiss company in hopes that this merger will provide resources and marketing capabilities as well as expand the Willy brand into international markets that they have not be able to achieve as an independent company. What I agree with here is that by allowing a larger company to purchase Willy’s Candy Company will in fact allow them to begin to have a presence globally, which could impact sales and profits, however where I would be cautious of when making the decision to merge is that does the larger Swiss company have the same overall objectives and views on how to operate Willy’s Candy Company so that it does not cause cultural differences. I would recommend to Mr. Wonka that before we make the decision to sell The Willy Candy Company to the larger Swiss Company that he thoroughly understand how they plan to operate the company and if

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