Wills Bury's Business Proposal Essay

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Business Proposal ECO/561 April 29, 2011 Business Proposal My business proposal for Will Bury’s proprietary e-digitalization technology will address four fundamental business components essential to the digitalizer’s success, namely market structure, profit maximization, revenue generation, and economic conditions. Will Bury is an enterprising inventor who wants to transform the way people access audio, books, and other materials currently offered in print with the digitalizer, his proprietary e-digitalizer technology. Will’s technical skills outpaces his business acumen and is strolling with basic business decisions regarding technological applications, supply, and demand curves, product delivery, pricing strategy, and the digital production process. To improve his business acumen Will conducted research online on product substitutes, digital, and audio book consumer characteristics, and industry-driving features; he sought pricing strategy advice from a friend with online business experience, particularly in artwork sales (University of Phoenix, 2011). Market Structure One must have an understanding of market in addition to the individual market consumers to provide ideas on how to generate and increase revenue. The e-digitalization market encompasses many of companies in a monopolistically competitive structure who specialize in developing software for audio and document imaging and service, e-digital products, and retail. Software development companies (Adobe) create the e-digitalization technology necessary that allows document imaging and services companies (Cengage and Pearson) to convert printed material to e-digital material for consumers to view from tablets and e-digital products (Kindle and iPod) and to purchase from retail companies like Apple and Amazon. The Internet has revolutionized how companies conduct in business today. In

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