Willie Lynch Formula

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The question I choose for assignment two was, Do I Believe or disbelieve that the formula allegedly developed by “Willie Lynch” continues to operate in today’s African American community? Explain! In this assignment I believe that the formula still operate in the African American Community. My three main idea were black on black crime (young male verse old male), abusive relationship ( male verses female), and racism within African American themselves (dark skin verses light skin). The main idea I want to share with you is black on black crime, the male vs. male. I took a literary figure from The Harlem Renaissance period by the name of Countee Cullen. The piece of work I took from her is called “Incident” which recites Once riding in old Baltimore Heart-filled, head-filled with glee, I saw a Baltimorean Keep looking Straight at me Now I was eight and very small, And he was no whit bigger, And so I smiled, but he poked out His tongue, and called me, “Nigger”. I saw the whole of Baltimore From May until December; Of all the things that happened there That’s all that I remember. In this small poem it explain in the beginning he talks about how he first rode through Baltimore happy, and filled with glee. Until he spoke to a stranger politely and the stranger poked out his tongue and called him a nigger. In this event he states towards the end of the poem, :I saw the whole of Baltimore from May until December; of all the things that happen there that’s all that I remember”. It took that one event to leave an impression about Baltimore that was unforgettable. And no matter how nice the remainder of his stay the event was imprinted in their mind. The passage I took from assignment two says: It is stated in the Willie Lynch speech that the young black male should distrust or fear the older black male and vice versa. Our young black men between the
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