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Williams Carlos Williams: Explication Of Love Song Essay

  • Submitted by: hcrawford
  • on January 25, 2012
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This poem’s theme is love makes people crazy. The subject is a man in love, driven to near madness because of his deep desire for his lover. This is seen through Williams’s flashes of imagery: “yellow, yellow, yellow it eats into the leaves, smears with saffron.” Giving this imagery allows the reader to see the speaker going crazy, as flashes go throughout his mind. The yellow is symbolic of his mental state without his lover. Yellow typically symbolizes sickliness, decay, and withering. This is showing what is happening to the speaker because his lover is gone and “far off there” as written in the last stanza. The occasion is a man in love is missing his lover. He years for her, as shown through him driven to madness, and this is also seen in the first stanza when he says, “I lie here thinking of you.” The audience is his lover, because it shows he is speaking to her when he says, “I lie here thinking of you.” It seems that she is far off in the distance somewhere, maybe she may not even be real, but he years for this woman he has been dreaming of, seen through the implied line, “you far off under there.”
The distance between him and his lover must be great because even the format of the poem shows there great distance. This poem seem to have three important factors within its prose: a man longing for his lover or a lover, a lover or unknown woman to the speaker, and a great distance between the two full of madness and dreaming. This is shown in the structure of the poem. The first line shows the speaker saying, “I lie here thinking of you”. The second stanza is significantly longer than the third stanza. This second stanza shows the wilting and withering of the speaker’s sanity because of his distance from the lover. The third stanza is the lover herself because he directly speaks to her by saying, you far off there”. The first line by itself represents the speaker’s solitude and loneliness, the third stanza shows the lover or what may be a lover, and the...

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