William Wordsworth’s Principles of Poetry Essay

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William Wordsworth’s Principles of Poetry ------By the study of Lyrical Ballads Abstract: William Wordsworth, one of the “ Lake Poets”, uttered his views on what good poetry should be in the Preface of the second edition of Lyrical Ballads in 1800. They are summed up into four essential points. Firstly, the theme is to be incidents and situations chosen from common life,especially the low and rustic life. Secondly, the language used is to be a selection of language really used by men. Thirdly, regarding the treatment of the theme, ordinary things are to be presented in an unusual way. Fourthly, the poet is to trace the universal significance in human society in the chosen incidents and situations. Key words: William Wordsworth; Romanticism; principles of poetry 摘要:威廉·华兹华斯是“湖畔诗人”的重要代表人物之一,在1800年出版的《抒情歌谣集》第二版前言中,他陈述了自己对于优秀诗歌的要求和看法。总得来说,可以总结为四点主要的看法。首先,在主题的选择上,要从日常生活中汲取资源和灵感,特别是较为朴实的中下阶层之生活。第二,在语言的选择上,要尽量使用平常化的语言。第三,在诗歌的原有主题之下,要把平常事物中用一种不普通的方式展现出来,即艺术源于生活,但要高于生活。第四,在选定的事件和情境下,诗人应尽量找寻人类社会的非凡意义之所在。 关键词: 威廉·华兹华斯; 浪漫主义; 诗歌创作准则 Introduction William Wordsworth, born on April 7,1770,was the son of a law-agent.William Wordsworth studied at St.John’s College in Cambridge,but more inspiring was his tour of the revolutionary France,an experience that influenced both his poetry and his political sensibilities.This experience together with a subsequent residence in France ,led to Wordsworth’s keen interest and heartfelt sympathy for the life ,the misery and real-life speech of the “common man.”William Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey are known as Lake Poets, as they lived in the district of the gr eat lakes in Northwestern England. William Wordsworth is the oldest and best known of the group. He is especially remembered as a founder of the new tradition of romanticism to replace the Neo- classicism which had gone stale of the 18th century .
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