William wordsworth "I traveled among men"

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Name Professor Subject March 2, 2009 Poetry Analysis: “I Traveled among Unknown Men” Literature is the mirror of the society. Poetry is one of the types of literature. It only means that poetry symbolizes the life and reality of each and every one of us. Unlike any other literary forms, poetry is more specific and creative way to show our emotions. When we write a poem, we are able to describe our feelings and opinions in any situation within our environment through the use of different literary devices to hide or unleash our perspective in any situation in the society – whether they are past, present, or future events of our lives. From this, we can say that poetry gives life to our unique way of living because it gives us the creativity and imagination to captivate our readers’ minds and hearts. William Wordsworth’s poem entitled “I Traveled among Unknown Men” is a depiction of the persona’s journey in his lifetime. If we look at the title of the poem, we could see that the author of the poem wants to state the topic of the verse – making a journey in different places with different people. As we go on to the poem itself, the narrator or persona describes his journey from one place to another. This is to make his readers feel the ambiance and reality of each location. However, there is not specific name of the place where he goes. For me, it is a puzzled part of the poem because it is the reader who will imagine the place or location that the persona has gone through. The first stanza of the poem discusses the ways on how the narrator transported from one place to another. This part of the verse symbolizes the establishment of the narrator’s capability to travel around the world. Through the use of certain transportation, he could go beyond boundaries and see the world. In the second part of the poem, the persona justifies that his journey is not perfect
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