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William Wordsworth A great master of spirit of what has come to be called the Romantic Movement in England, respected by many readers for his particular way of writing. William Wordsworth was a lover of nature and freedom, always expressing the importance of emotion feelings over rationality and reason. Wordsworth who writes from adolescence to old age, from a period of young radicalism to middle aged modernism to later-life conservatism; whose emotional range, at least on the surface develops from early optimism about the possibilities of human nature, when a young and free and healthy imagination can explore and find meaning in the beauties of nature, to later periods of anxiety and even profound doubt the power of mind. Wordsworth archive are filled with detailed and obvious passion of the sense of a life and certain concern, dominant themes and images in descriptive narrative poems like “Tintern Abbey”, rustic ballads like “We Are Seven”; poems of the interior of life and epic-autobiographical “Prelude”, sonnets ranging from the more personal to the more public “The Worlds is too much with us” and “London 1802”. On this two works, Wordsworth describes his society as being too dependent on technology rather than focus in the beautiful art of nature. William Wordsworth’s poetry reflects upon the many exciting changes that occurred in society during his era and upon aspects of his own history. Wordsworth was born in Europe in 1770; he was enrolled at the University of Cambridge. He would visit France frequently but one time during wartime he was unable to return to England and took him in the middle of the French revolution to the point of absorbing its impact. When he returned to England 1802 his career began to prosper, he had already begun to write some of his hundreds of sonnets. And his journey from the revolutionary France provided and interesting

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