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William Wallace Simon McCormick The early years Little is known about the early years of his life but William Wallace was believed to have been born around 1272. He was the second son of Scottish knight, Sir Malcolm Wallace, William grew up in a Scotland that had been ruled for generations by Scottish kings and Queens but by 1290 the King, Queen and their children had all died and Scotland had no successor for the throne. The Scottish Nobles asked the English King Edward the first to help choose a successor, but Edward delayed making a decision and he persuaded the Scottish Nobles to let the English take control of Scotland. When the new Scottish King John the first was appointed in 1292 he was made to swear allegiance to King Edward and Scotland was really being ruled by England. William’s Rising At the age of 19 William was training to be a priest. He grew up to hate the English rulers of Scotland and this was made worse when his father was killed by an English Knight in Ayrshire in 1291. Later that year when he was visiting his uncle in Dundee he got into a fight with an English soldier who was stabbed to death. From that day William became an outlaw and went into hiding. During the next few years William gathered support and lived like a bandit. He was involved in many raids on the English occupiers and he avenged his father’s death by killing the English knight Fenwick. By 1297 the English occupation of Scotland was much weaker and the resentment of the Scottish people had grown. At this time William became a national hero when he killed the English sheriff of Lanark after the sheriff had tried to capture him. The battle of Stirling Bridge Later in 1297 King Edward brought an army of 50,000 north to Stirling

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