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Diana Rivera William McKinley’s Assassination General Purpose: Informative Specific Purpose: At the end of the speech presentation, the audience will all be able to understand the specific events and the tragic assassination of William McKinley, and that was why Theodore Roosevelt became President. Central Idea: The assassination of President William McKinley was a horrible event that happened 1901, and I believe everyone should know facts about this major event. Topic One: William McKinley’s was United States 25th president, and was assassinated by Leon Cozolgsz. Leon Cozolgsz was an unemployed factory worker, and was self-described as an anarchist. Leon Cozolgsz heard that President McKinley was going to speak at the Pan American Expedition in Buffalo New York, and decided that there would be the perfect place to kill him. It happened September 6, 1901, which he had tried two days before but security didn’t let him to close. Topic Two: Where and how the assassination happened. September 06, 1901 President McKinley decided to go to Niagara Falls with his wife, and then after he had to go to the Temple of Music, where he would meet and greet people. About 3:30 or 4 pm he started getting ready to shake hands with the public. It was Cozolgsz turn to shake his hand which he had a handkerchief, as if he were to be wounded on his right hand, but had the gun under it. President McKinley attempts to shake his left hand, and that’s when he fires the gun, and shoots him twice. Doctors thought he would be fine, but they didn’t know he didn’t have drainage and because of that caused a serious infection. President McKinley died of gangrene September 14, 1901 at 2:15 am. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn president. Topic Three: What was Leon Cozolgsz sentence? He stated “I killed President McKinley, because I done my duty. I didn’t believe one should have so

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