William Mackpeace Thackeray Essay

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Gözde Gündüz Illena… Comperat Abstract The aim of this paper is to indicate similarities and differences of two works. I choose these two novels because both Gürpınar and Thackeray were in the same century. And both of them use characters who has similar features, and aims about life. Moreover, they tried to show similar aspects of their ages; such as Money passion class distinctions. Besides, they added humorous elements to their works. Key Words : Class distinction, wrong Westernization, corruption of morality, thirst for money. Hüseyin Rahmi GÜRPINAR He was born in İstanbul in 1864. He went Primary school in Crete because of his mother’s death and then he started Mahmudiye Rüştiyesi (secondary school ) in İstanbul. Gürpınar entered Mülkiye Mektebi in 1880. He left from there because of his acute disease. He worked in Ministry of Judicial and Ministry of Public works. After 1908, he made his living by his pen. With Şık which was the first work of him, he was known and started to write in Tercüman_i Hakikat journal. And then, he worked as a translator in İkdam and Sabah journal. He published almost sixty novel and story. Hüseyin Rahmi narrated lifes, beliefs and differences of his age’s people. Especially, he presented social problems, superstitions and the effects of wrong Westernization in society. Hüseyin Rahmi believes that the role of literature is to teach people lessons and he uses humour in his novels to fulfill his understanding of the function of literature, and he reflected these thoughts his all works. William Makepeace THACKERAY Thackeray was born in India in 1811. After death of his father, his mother remarried and William was sent to England where he would deal with the harsh realities of isolation at Charter House. Then he went

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