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The Emancipator Himself William Goodell was writing fiery prose for a time where he attacked two important institutions of America. These may have no necessarily been a connection between the two in large slave owner’s minds, but it was not going unnoticed in the eyes of Goodell. He connected the two showing that the slave owners were demonstrating that slavery was fine in the language of the bible. It was something that even had backup. By making these two connections and editing one of the leading abolitionist newspapers he solidified himself as one of the foremost abolitionists of his time. William Goodell had some of the most important thoughts on abolition and the church from the mid 1800s. First off he was an avid reformist as far as the church went. He saw that the church was set up in a manner that was purely benefactor. He says that the early church missionaries were “evangelizing the world” with “work to be done” (Davis 1979: 416). This outlook shook the foundation of the church when he was showing that instead of people doing this church work for the purpose it was there, they were using it to further their self-worth. Seeing the church as a reformation project was eye-opening in itself. This revolutionary thought was part of what Goodell was famous for. The most important factor was that he had a paper to publish his thoughts and show everyone how important reform was within each society. His abolitionist thoughts had roots early on without a doubt. He cites the Bible and early founding fathers of our society with a responsibility for stopping the institution of slavery. He actually had a method of abolishment that was eventually called ecclesiastical abolitionism. The bible said that, “God had made of one blood all nations of men” (Davis 1979: 416). With this evidence of a book that was more important as a tool of moral

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