William Golding's Lord Of The Flies: Chapter Review

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3/12/12 Lord of the Flies Chapters 10, 11, 12 reviews 1. Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric deal with their consciences in their own different ways. Ralph is haunted by the fact that they killed Simon; he believes it was murder and is now having nightmares because of it. Piggy on the other hand is in denial about the incident, he calls the whole thing an accident since it was in self-defense from their fear. Samneric just claim to have left early before the incident. 2. Jack and Ralph have completely two different leadership styles. Jack is more of the dictator type; he likes to have complete command and power over everything. Ralph is a democratic kind of leader, he wants the whole group to be in order and have say on the things that involve them.…show more content…
Ralph’s “nightly game of supposing “ is a game where he imagines ways of rescue for him and the boys to go home, he plays this game to keep his hopes of rescue and his sanity intact. 4. The boys left on the beach do not want to be like “savages” like Jack and his group. They plan to distinguish the difference by making themselves look presentable, with clothes, to resemble boys and not savages. 5. The comparison that Piggy made was that was it better for the group to act like a pack of painted Indians like Jack’s group was, or was it better to be “sensible like Ralph is”. 6. When the boys arrived at Castle Rock they were greeted by guards who told them to go away and got rocks thrown their way so they could leave, but Ralph did not budge and continued into the camp and confronted Jack. 7. A boulder hit Piggy, shattered the conch shell while he was holding it, and knocked him off the mountainside to his death on the rocks below. 8. Jack’s “savages” treat Samneric horribly; they tortured them until they made them join Jack’s tribe. 9. After the hunt began Ralph manages to survive by hiding in the jungle and running

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