William Fowler Research Paper

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My name is William Fowler; this introduction tells a part of my life. First, About my location, then and now, Second about family and work. Last about my hobbies, which includes education, because it became one of my hobbies? I was born in South Carolina in 1950. After a few years passed; I settled in North Georgia. To make a life for myself, I lost everything in 2009, my business, Home, motorcycle, all my vehicles and my wife divorced me. I then moved to Kingsland, Georgia. I plan to retire and live with my daughter. I have one daughter 29 years old and one grand-daughter 9 years old. My daughter suggests I go back to school to get my GED; I could not find a job not having a GED. I had nothing but time, so I did. I graduated with Honors in
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