William Carlos Williams Essay

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In the beginning of “The Use of Force”, Williams acts like a typical doctor would be expected to act. He tries to find the reason why the little girl is in pain. The doctor is polite and calm with the family: “I smiled in my best professional manner and asking for the child's first name”. Williams creates a scenario where the doctor’s mind and thoughts are visible to the readers. He gets angry and furious as the little girl does not want to open her mouth so he could see if she has diphtheria or not. She is terrified of the doctor and does not do anything he asks her. In my opinion, Williams crosses ethical boundaries with his encounter with the child, but it is not visible to anyone besides himself. His thoughts suggest a dark side of him “The worst of it was that I too had got beyond reason. I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to attack her. My face was burning with it”. He amuses himself while the little girl is struggling to keep her mouth closed. However, at the same time he has these cruel thoughts, he does not disrespect the family. Even thought his behavior with the child becomes more brutal, it is acceptable because a throat examination must be done and the little girl is not cooperating. “Perhaps I should have desisted and come back in an hour or more. No doubt it would have been better. But I have seen at least two children lying dead in bed of neglect in such cases, and feeling that I must get a diagnosis now or never I went at it
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