William Carlos Williams Essay

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“Spring and All” by William Carlos Williams was not just about landscape or nature. It did describe in length the attributes of nature and natures awakening from winter but at the same time it felt like it was describing a moment of rebirth or natural birth. “They enter the new world naked, cold, uncertain of all save that they enter. All about them the cold, familiar wind” (Williams 1467) and “But now the stark dignity of entrance-Still, the profound change has come upon them: rooted, they grip down and begin to awaken.” (Williams 1467). Both of these stanzas taken from the poem not only describe the awakening of life after a cold winter but also an awakening or the soul (rebirth). When the reader sees that this poem is meant to be taken metaphorical and not just literally it allows them to relate to the message of the poem. It makes the poem more than just being about spring and instead it is about the growth within the individual and the ability to restart and enter the world with dignity and uncertainty of the future. This is something everyone strives for, especially if they feel they have made mistakes and wish to start over. The idea that the winter, the hard months of frozen fear or stress, is now gone and the chance to grow in the warmth of the healing spring, the time for new choices and new goals is an idea that is appealing to most readers. In regards to this poem being about natural birth it could be assumed that because William Williams was a doctor, specifically dealing with house calls that occasionally dealt with childbirth, that he was describing the experience he witnessed of a new life coming into the world. The two stanzas mentioned above also reflect that idea of babies entering the world. This was also written during the Depression and that is why there is emphasis in this poem about spring being colder than one would usually describe
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