William Bligh: A Villain Or Hero?

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Good morning Mrs Partanan and fellow class mates, my name is Chelsea and I completely disagree that William was a hero. William Bligh was not a hero but an ill tempered leader. Today I will give you some background research of him, show you evidence of his ill temper and cruel attitude using examples from the rum rebellion in??? . Firstly I would like to point out some flaws in my opponent’s speech...... REBUTAL........... The definition of a villain or bad leader in this case is according to the Oxford dictionary is a “cruelly malicious person involved or devoted to wickedness or crime, affecting something or someone in a negative way”. In this case William Bligh was a villain but an unrecognisable villain at first glance. Due to his…show more content…
Almost immediately he became in conflict with the infamous John MacArthur, the governors quick temper and rigid devotion meant that conflict between the two men was inevitable. Bligh brought in laws banning “all forms of barter using spirits, outlawed illegal stills” and made laws involving the ports to restrict the amount of alcohol being imported. He also challenged the validity of property leases of several citizens, mainly MacArthur. Undoubtedly the citizens along with MacArthur were angered by his hindrance as the colony was running smoothly for the majority of people in the colony of NSW before Bligh came. After a small incident that did not involve Bligh what so ever, MacArthur was taken to court by Bligh over it. Evidently MacArthur was furious over the matter and stated that Bligh was quote, un quote “depriving him and his circle of their right to liberty and property.” Causing what we now call the rum rebellion. Historians have recently agreed that the rum rebellion had nothing really to-do with the rum but to-do with the bad leadership of William Bligh. If anything this was this event of bad leadership should be known as Bligh’s Second mutiny against him and for all the correct reasons, not a rebellion. Rebellions usually involve an attempt by the rebels to grab power and possessions for themselves. A mutiny is much more restricted, just the expression of a longing to remove a bad leader. It was about neither rum nor rebellion
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