William Blake's "The Tyger"

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William Blake’s “The Tyger” in plain English Tiger! Tiger! Your evil shines so bright In the forest at night! What powerful being Could have created such a monster? Where did the burning in your eyes come from? Did it come from the ocean or the sky? Why did he create you? How could he do such a thing? And what is it that could make you so bad? Why is your heart so dark? Your heart beat evil from the beginning. And when you were born, all the evil was born with you. What hammer and chain created you? Was your brain created in a fiery furnace? In what horrible place does your brain come from? What evil hands could have created you? Now your creator must face the consequences of making such a beast. When the shooting stars and skies rained down, Did God smile at his beautiful work? Did the creator of Jesus make you? Tiger! Your evil shines so bright In the forests at night! What powerful being Would dare to create such a monster? Jessica Martin Professor Johnson English 2413 18 June 2011 Imagery in William Blake’s “The Tyger” If one desires to find imagery in a work of literature, one need look no further than William Blake’s poem, “The Tyger.” Blake is a fascinating poet whose works deserve careful examination. Although so many of his works contain beautiful, descriptive imagery, “The Tyger” contains perhaps the most profound imagery of them all. There is speculation as to what Blake meant exactly when he wrote “The Tyger.” Most would say that it is obvious that he is not talking about the actual animal (this is hinted at in the way that he sticks to the old English spelling of “tiger” with a “y”); some say he
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