Will Video Games Become Better Then Life

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Perry’s “Video Games” speech is an incredible example of a successful speech. He used a variety of technological venues to capture and hold the audience attention. His use of power point was beyond incredible. The videos, music and images that were chosen for his presentation fit so well with the message he was conveying. Along with his vast array of knowledge, he used humor to keep the audience engaged and their attention at a peak level throughout the speech. He gave a history of himself, along with the history of computers in the gaming industry. It was very creative how the timeline of computers and his life correlate up to present time. If I had to rate his speech on the rubric’s grading scale, I would award Perry a 28. He had his facts straight and seemed very comfortable talking in from of an audience and versed in his topic. It would be quite different had he been giving a speech on something he was not so passionate about. After viewing David Perry’s TED Talk “Will Video Games Become Better Then Life?” I became interested in the evolution of gaming and its implications in an ever-evolving technological world. In particular, the psychological and sometimes primal connections associated with gaming generated much discussion about the present state and possible future of the genre. Video games have become more and more visually cinematic, bringing in 3D characters and settings and incorporating different angles with regard to perspective and movement. Alongside this evolution of visual sophistication is the creation of higher levels of opportunity for interaction. Not only does this have to do with more sophisticated technologies and programming abilities, but it’s also because developers are staying conscious of human emotion during game development. Perry says that developers strive to create a wide range of emotion within one game so that

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