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Will to Freedom Speaking for yourself rather than being spoken for is freedom, for being a slave to society has been proven to fail. “Yes, everyone is happy,” echoed Lenina. They had heard the words repeated a hundred and fifty times every night for twelve years”. (Huxely, 75) Did they get the freedom to choose if they wanted to live the life style they were living? There are two types of happiness, a state of mind and pure happiness; chosen for them where life is genuinely happy. In Brave New World their happiness is a state of mind. It isn’t happiness compared to the life styles in today’s society. BNW’s society controls their citizens from the day their put in a test tube till the day they are cremated. Since the way of life is chosen by society in Brave New World, freedom isn’t given for those in the book to know any other way of life. Living on a reservation to society is outrageous and unthinkable because that is what the society wants. They don’t want those to know that they who live in the reservations have the right to have kids, believe what they want, do whatever they want without being “taught” not to do whatever it is they desire. In other words they don’t really get the choice to pick what makes them happy. Everything is already decided those for who live within society’s laws the day they are put into a test tube, the way they’ll look, where they work, and what they’ll do in their spare time. If society tells you not to be the person you were born to be, would you listen? However in the life style many others live are completely different. In this period of time some things may be chosen for children by their parents, but children still have rights. Unlike those in the book, your born with parents, who don’t chose what they want their children to look like, what they’ll like nor their career, or even who they’ll be friends with. Even though there

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