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Will Personalised Inductions Be More Effective Essay

  • Submitted by: lthompson88
  • on February 7, 2011
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Will A personalised induction will always be more effective? Personalised inductions v generic inductions

Why are personalised screeds used?

As a hypnotherapist it is important to try and find the most effective way to communicate with your client so they can get the most effective results, so when meeting a client for the first time it is critical to build up a good rapport and gain trust.

Everybody has individual characters and personalities with different likes and dislikes.   We may come from different cultural backgrounds or have been brought up with different values or perspectives and that is why I feel it would be very useful to find out about their backgrounds, hobbies etc in order to personalise an induction specifically for them.   It surely must also be advantageous to be aware of any topics that may repel your client as well as this could lead to a negative and ineffective induction.   Although an initial consultation is a time for acquiring information and finding out a clients history in order to personalise an induction, a persons preferences and modalities are not always fixed and sometimes situations change and sometimes too much could be presumed after an initial consultation, this is why I think inductions certainly need to be flexible, and by trying to get an idea of which modality your client favours will help them to feel more comfortable. Using modality is one way we have to personalise screeds although it is beneficial to use all the senses when trying to create a safe and comfortable space for a client. Modalities play a big part in personalising inductions as assessing the client as an individual helps decide which style will best suit that person. Our brains represent experiences received from our senses, and different parts of our brain have been designated to our senses so we have a visual cortex, and an auditory cortex, a kinaesthetic cortex etc.   It was Bandler and Grinder (two NLP experts from the late 1980’s) who...

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