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Will Not Come Dear RM, How fun it must be for your dog to have a farm to roam and explore! Although this is a great environment for your dog, it also contributes to your problem. Not coming when called is a common problem for many people and one, unfortunately and unintentionally, they have exasperated. One of the great things about being on a farm is that your dog has plenty of room to run and play. I’m sure there is never a shortage of squirrels to chase or livestock to harass. But the downside is that all those things that make the farm so wonderful and fun makes leaving those activities to come to you more challenging. A dog that doesn’t come is very frustrating, and hearing you say “she never listens to us” and “we gave up trying to train her”, speaks volumes to your frustration. But there are some reasons why she doesn’t listen to you when you call her: 1- Your dog doesn’t know what “Come” means. 2- The word has no relevance. Meaning the word has been used so much with no consequence that the dog learns its more rewarding to just ignore it. 3- All the awesome things on the farm are more interesting than you. 4- The dog has learned that coming means the fun stops or that she will be punished. One of the most common mistakes a dog owner makes is assuming that their dog understands what they want without taking time to teach them. Secondly, when teaching the command, owners may say many variation of the command which further confuses the dog; like “Come”, “Come Here”, “Come to Momma”, “Get Over Here Right Now”, etc. Commands for the dog need to be the precise and consistent. I think of it like learning a new language. When someone learns English, they may be taught that people will greet you saying “Hello”. But then they go out in the world and they start to hear “Good Morning”, “Good Day”, “Hello”, “Hi”, “Howdy”, “What’s Up”,

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