Will Gun Laws Stop Future School Shootings?

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Jeremy De La Cruz Pre AP English 2B Mrs. Brogan 23 April 2013 Word Count: 500 Will Gun Laws Stop Future School Shootings? The saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” has always been said. With recent school shootings, many people are wondering if gun laws will prevent future shootings. Gun laws will only keep guns out of the hands of bystanders who could stop the shooting, and allow criminals to easily kill innocent children. Gun laws pertaining to schools prevent people from saving more lives and stopping shootings in the making. The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 goes down in history as the worst school shooting in U.S history. Seung-Hui killed “32 unarmed students on the campus of Virginia Tech” (McGrath), taking his time to go through the building as he “had no expectation that a fellow student or a faculty member might shoot back”(McGrath) thanks to Virginia Tech’s gun-free zone. If Virginia Tech hadn’t had that law, people like Tracy Bridges would have had their guns on them, saving some students that could be alive today “instead of having to sprint to their cars in distant parking lots.” (McGrath).The same happened in1997 when Luke Woodham, then 16, used and action rifle to kill two students and wound seven others at his high school in Pear, Mississippi. Joel Myrick heard the shots and sprinted to get his .45 that was “Prohibited by law” (McGrath) onto campus. Once he had it, he saved countless other lives as Woodham was planning to go to another school to continue his shooting spree. Myrick turned Woodham back into a kid “the minute [Myrick] put a gun to his head.” These acts go to show that Gun laws not only allow criminals to easily kill on campus, but that if bystanders could have been allowed to carry guns, lives could have been saved. “…Every public shooting since at least 1950… has taken place where citizens
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