“Will Gm’s Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?”

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Case Analysis #1 “Will GM’s Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?” Nicole Ramirez Ivy Tech Community College (1) In my opinion, I feel that GM is a defender. Although, they downsized a lot of their operations, the company still managed to outdo Toyota. GM is focusing their planning on cutting down the number of platforms they use in order to better save money. Decreasing more of the engineering aspects of the company will allow them to save more money due to them having fewer platforms. Confident in their product, GM chose to be a defender. (2) Based on the reading, I would think that GM's vision is to make fewer platforms but use the same basic parts for each car. The goal: “One goal is fewer auto platforms” is even stated in the case study itself. They want to make these cars with the same basic parts and assemble these cars in plants that use the same tools. Because GM has all of the resources needed to implement their vision and is finding ways to implement it, their goals are realistic. (3) One of the SMART goals I observed in the case study was “S.” Specific. GM aims to build vehicles all over the world that are made from the same parts. This is a very specific goal because they are stating exactly what they will do in order to help cut down costs. “Besides cutting costs, GM needs to change its culture. For decades the company focused on selling as many cars as possible, and propping up its U.S. market share, sometimes at the expense of the bottom line.” (4) GM used the planning/controlling cycle. GM formulated a plan when they stated “[GM]... has set its sights on a once-unthinkable goal: making more than $10 billion a year”. To attain a goal, a plan must be formulated to achieve that goal. The second step in the cycle, which is to execute the plan, is stated as such: “Behind the gain... are growth in China and strong profits in North America,

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