Wilfred Laurier Essay

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Wilfred Laurier and the Canadian government did not want to get drawn into the Boer war, but was pressured by the British government, as well as Many English speaking Canadians. Many people felt that if Canada joined the fight they would be taken seriously as a country internationally. On the other hand French Canadians did not want to be involved because they felt no loyalty to the Queen. They felt for the Boers because they knew to what it was like to be oppressed buy the British. Laurier chose on sending in the Canadian Infantry and Calvary, who took an important part in several of the battles involved and calmed down the situation at home. The English Canadians felt that they had been involved and French-speaking people were not upset because it was Canadian forces not British forces they were supporting. This war would define the Canadian defense policy. The Naval Service Act of 1910 came after the infamous “Naval Scare”, In the early 1900’s America and Germany began a race to upgrade their navy. A war was expected to break out, causing many countries to build up their forces. The British Government began pressuring the Canadian government to build up their forces. The British government Enviably gave a “call to arms”. Laurier’s national policy was trashed from both parties. People argued that the situation meant there needed to be a larger, more powerful naval force. Others felt that the navy would not be able to help Britain anyways, even in the middle of a war. The opposition to what seemed like a straight forward request ended up killing Lauriers

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