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Austin Burnett English 101 Smokey the bear 14 September 2012 Children and Wildfires Many children ask; where does fire come from? Why is it important? In the Ad Council video on Smokey the bear, the ad council explains why fires are bad and what they can do to the environment. Smokey has a slogan in the video, “only you can prevent wildfires” (ad council), I believe this is a catchy slogan and really can prevent wildfires. Smokey has been known to people since 1944, He has made in impact on children, adults, animals, and forests. Not only has Smokey save the habit of them, he has saved their lives. The video does not say children are the cause of wildfires, but the imagery and character that is in the video shows that children are one of the main causes of wildfires. Throughout the Ad council video, a little boy does most of the talking. The boy expresses why the forest is fun and such an entertaining place. The first words the boy says are “good places for picnics” that is followed up by the narrator saying, “shady places where you can camp” (Ad Council). This Public Service Announcement is for all the growing children in the world. When the commercial comes on and the little boy talks, any kid will be drawn in and learn that wildfires are bad at an early age. Children see bears as big friendly animals, so Smokey the bear is a character children will listen to, In the video the bear is holding the slogan; “only you can prevent wildfires” (Ad Council). Another reason why this advertisement was directed towards kids was because kids were believed to be one of the leading causes for wildfires. Even during the wars in the old days, children were still the cause of wildfires. “However, a common cause of forest fires wasn't enemy shells or bombs--it was (and often still is) children” (Bidell, Ellen). Growing children do not know how our world works, if you raise

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